We understand how frustrating it can be when your cell phone, computer, iPod or game system don’t perform as expected. It’s certainly challenging to keep these devices fully protected from the countless threats that surface every day. We at 1800FIX.COM want to share our personalized solutions with everyone who has one or all of these devices. Our goal is to become a valuable and trusted partner that can effectively manage all of your technology concerns, providing you with technology that works.

1800fix is not only a consumer electronic store with 13 locations in Bronx, Brooklyn, and Westchester County in NY. We also buy, sell, and trade most consumer electronics, except toasters!  

Our 6,000-square-feet training and service center is easily accessible between 135th and 136th St. on Lincoln Ave. in New York. We use the most advanced repair equipment in the market in order to provide the best quality repair service for our customers. 

We also offer franchise opportunity, where you can become part of our growing family. 

Our training center is one of the most complete training center in the East Coast. Here are some of the courses we do offer in our repair school. 

 Video game repair program 

 Basic cell phone repair program 

 Smartphone repair program 

 Computer and tablet repair program 

 Advanced repair service -- level 1, 2, and 3 

 Our exclusive Apple repair program 

All courses are available individually or as a package. 

Many places claim to teach you in 5 days everything about repairing phones. We believe our courses are hands-on training. All of our course prices are fixed amounts before the class starts. 

We evaluate each individual before training starts so the student will be informed how long the class will take. The classes can be from 6 days to 3 weeks; the time is dependent upon how many classes are selected and how each individual student will assimilate the learning material. If necessary, we will extend our class up to 3 weeks so that students with extra difficulty can complete their training. Here, no one will be left behind. A Commitment to Technology & Customer Service

Our significant investment in technology allows our customers to place a service request with just a few clicks as well as provide valuable feedback. We have served our community for over 15 years and constantly strive for your satisfaction.

  1. Yes , its possible , come before six and we will do our best 
  2. no appointment needed.
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