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More Than 25 Years of Experience
Do you need repair services for your electronic devices? Whether you cracked your smartphone screen or need to get rid of a computer virus, our repair staff is here to help you. At 1800fix.com , we provide the repair services you need to have your electronic devices working like new again. With our 25 years of experience, we know how to provide top quality repair services in the Bronx area. Call us today at  (347) 577-0007 for more information about our repair services in the Bronx!

We provide repair services for the following devices:

Repair and Pricing
Smartphone Repair
Computer and Tablet Repair
Game System Repair

1800Fix.com is your Neighborhood Tech!
At 1800fix.com, we serve the Bronx and Westchester County area with their go-to repair services. We are looking out for your best interest by pairing quality with fair pricing. We have convenient locations in the Bronx and Westchester. After you have your electronics repaired by us, you wont want to go anywhere else for your electronic repairs!

What sets us apart from our competitors is:

Complimentary estimates
Zero money down
If we can’t fix it, you don’t pay
30-day warranty that includes new physical damage
Our 100% satisfaction guarantee
We accept trade-ins for cash off

Come to 1800fix.coms Store For Your Electronic & Cell phone Repair Estimate!

When you come into 1800fix.com, our goal is to provide high-quality repair services and make sure you walk away with a smile on your face. With no money down and 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured that you will only pay for quality electronic repair service. Whether you want to discuss your repair needs over the phone or come into the store, the 1800fix.com staff is happy to speak with you.
Repair time is estimated and is subject to availability of parts. 
1800FiX.com has been doing Cell Phone repairs for over 10 years now, and there is nothing we can’t fix. We offer a fast, reliable and professional service on all cell phone faults and can turn around fault in less than three days.

If you are confused about which repair to choose, why not book your cell phone under ‘Free Estimate’. On receipt we will examine the cellular phone and contact you with a price. Should this prove to be too much, we will return your cell phone to you free of charge. Still confused? Use the Contact page to send us an email or give as a call. We will be able to tell you more about our repair services.

All Cellular Phone repairs come with a free 30 days warranty on the repaired fault.

1800Fix.com Service Center
1800Fix.com recommends regular Data backup and assumes no responsibility for any lost DATA on your phone.

All repairs (out of manufacturer’s warranty) are covered under 60-days warranty.Phone Repairs.
Call us at (347) 577-0007 for more information or for a free estimate!
Iphone 5S or 5                                                     
Full lcd and glass replacement - 180 day      99.99
Iphone 6 plus                                                    
Lcd replacement                                                     169.99

Iphone 4
Lcd and glass replacement - 180 day                69.99

Iphone 5S or 5                                                    
Battery, charging port, camera, menu,        69.99
or power button

Iphone 6
Lcd replacement                                                    129.99

Iphone 4
Battery or charging port or menu button     49.99
Samsung S3, S4
Glass replacement - 60 day warranty              109.99

Samsung Galaxy S5
Full lcd and glass replacement - 60 day         229.99

Samsung Galaxy Mega
Full lcd and glass replacement - 60 day         149.99
Samsung Galaxy S4
Full lcd and glass replacement - 60 day warranty         149.99 

Samsung Galaxy S3
Full lcd and glass replacement - 60 day                             129.99

Cell Phone Unlocks                                                                 29.99 andup
Unlock from‏ 29.99
Ipod Touch 4Th Gen
Full lcd‏ and glass replacement - 60 day warranty

Free estimate - bring your device to one of our locations
Cant Find Your Device ?????? Come to Our Store for a Free Diagnostic
Prices above do not include sales tax
pricing applies to Bronx and Brooklyn stores only.
60 Day Warranty--if we cant fix it you dont pay

come in , as long as it's before 6pm we can fix most
units. our technicians are waiting !!!

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